Largo Travel

2020 | copy for Largo Travel ‘Dear Wold’ campaign

After I had written an ode to water in ‘Dear Water’ and an ode to winter in ‘Dear Winter’ – the world had come to a hold during the pandemic. Traveling was no longer desirable. ‘Dear World’ tells us we are in this together, we can only do this together. But in the meantime, we must dream. We must rejoice, in hopes of days of delight.

2020 | copy for Largo Travel ‘Dear Winter’ campaign

After writing the words for ‘Dear Water’, screened below, Largo Travel asked me to do it again. Not an ode to water this time, but an ode to winter in all it’s wondrous white beauty. Relaxing and reloading somewhere away from home, feeling cozy, getting together, no matter the cold. Winter getaways are something else.

2019 | copy for Largo Travel ‘Dear Water’ campaign

Above all, this had to be an ode to water. All of Largo Travel getaways are situated along water. As for most part we are all made out of water, depending on water, inspired by water, I found inspiration everywhere around me. Water is, in fact, everywhere around us. Just as when staying in a Largo Travel getaway.