photography + copywriting

Stèphanie Jill Klok

It’s the affair between words and images

It's the affair between words and images that fascinates me. In a continuous flow I rhyme one with the other - either translating the existing into the imaginary or the other way around. My background in Clinical Psychology and working experience in communications, give me the right tools to create the best fitting words and images for their purpose.


It's in my nature to capture the story within an image. To make a static shot feel like it was paused from a movie. Contrast, lines, colors and textures tell stories. As does depth and noise. I incorporate this into my portrait and event photography. When it comes to product and interior photography, I prefer a bright cleanliness.



Metaphors and comparisons are my two greatest co-workers. It's a form of translation that speaks to all. Whenever I write, I get into the skin of the reader - whoever he/she is - in order to make sure the message is both delivered and received in a conforming way.

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